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Conejo Valley

The Conejo Valley is another one of my favorite areas! Situated just West of the San Fernando Valley, it runs along the 101 North highway for easy access to LA proper. The physical valley is split between Ventura and LA Counties, and includes Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Lake Sherwood, and a portion of Calabasas.

While these communities might differ slightly from each other, there are some wonderful commonalities in the area: Great schools, safety, virtually no smog, and the full gamut of natural wonders make living life in the Conejo Valley quite peaceful and idyllic. Of course, that serenity has nurtured a wholesome culture, and the area has developed into a fantastic place to raise a family. Need a little more excitement? Well, being only 30 minutes or so away from coastal getaways like Malibu or the big city means you are never too far from anything!

Much like the Santa Clarita Valley, Conejo Valley grew into a sensible alternative to the San Fernando Valley, whose housing prices had gone up thanks to the area’s popularity in 80s media. As the Conejo communities grew and thrived, so did their property values, and today, the area has become one of the foremost places to live in the greater-LA area.

Given the surrounding regions, what the Conejo Valley communities have found for themselves is an absolutely treasure, and admittedly, that has raised its value over time. The median sale price in February 2021 was $927,500, up 14% from 12 months prior. There are some truly stunning homes to be found here, with price tags into the multi-millions. Still, if your budget is closer to entry-level, fret not! There are definitely ample options still available! Like many other real estate segments all over the Los Angeles area, it is a unique time, where it’s both: a seller’s market and also a buyers, so be sure to contact us soon!


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