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Buyers info

What Are Your Lifestyle Goals?

A house is so much more than a place to live. It’s a personal space, it’s a place to call home, it’s a place to build memories; And it’s a lifestyle.

Our passion at SK Signature Homesis helping you actualize your real estate goals; and most importantly helping to find the home you can honestly say you love where you live!

A few years ago, a client had asked me to show him and his wife a few homes within their desired areas of Woodland Hills and Calabasas, and naturally I was happy to. After previewing several properties, I found them their ideal home. When I showed it to them, I could see in their eyes that they truly loved it; and as we left the home, they had said, “it’s absolutely perfect, and we love it!”

After an extensive conversation, however, they explained that they had changed their minds on the timing and explained,

“We think that the home prices are currently too high, so we’ve decided to wait until prices come down.”

Well, that did not happen. The “perfect home” was offered to them for $757K; and long story short, I showed it to other clients who immediately saw the opportunity and purchased it. Only three years later, however, they contacted me and needed to sell it quickly. By this time, the home was tastefully upgraded and even more appealing, which increased the desirability of the home even more. I placed it for sale at a price of $1.2M, and with good marketing, I had several offers within just a few days’ time; resulting in the highest neighborhood sale of $1.225M. It has now been only five years since the original sale of $757K, and I’m pleased for the buyers that today it’s valued at $1.450M. Had the clients went with their initial instinct, they would have seen a 50% increase in their equity.

When you choose SK Signature Homes, you’re working with dedicated and professional people who have lived, worked and invested in the communities we service. We understand the current market as well as the rehab and labor costs; and allowing us to help you fully understand and analyze all aspects of this important decision will save you money and help you build wealth. Perhaps most importantly, the contractual and industry knowledge that our team brings protects your investment and your home forever. Our clients’ happiness and financial security are our only priority and when you choose us, you choose to partner with a team that will always put that first.

The “American Dream” is to own a piece of America, “Land.” Land is a precious resource and a national treasure. It is amongst the few tangible things that cannot be made or manufactured.

A home is not only a safe-haven and space to personalize. It is a safe investment and nest egg. It is like a savings account, however much, much, much better!

Call us today to discuss your home goals and the possibilities available to you.

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