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West Los Angeles

I have lived and worked in West Los Angeles for most of my life, and I will always be deeply fond of its community and culture. In turn, it’s another area we take a great deal of pride in and we are always excited to represent buyers and sellers here.

West LA (known as “The Westside” by the local inhabitants) is a bit tricky to pin geographically, and it varies a little from person to person. The West LA Community Plan describes itself as an area that includes the neighborhoods of Sawtelle, Rancho Park, Beverlywood, Cheviot Hills, Castle Heights, and Century City. Remember though: the “Westside” is still in the eye of the beholder, so if your prospective home is not quite in these neighborhoods, but thereabouts, rest easy knowing that when you work with us, we’ll have the expertise!

West LA is a fantastic place to live, thanks to its proximity to some of the best parts of the greater area, as well as being a convenient crossroad for a few vital highways. You’re situated right by iconic seaside communities such as Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina del Ray. Take a short drive North on the 405 (past the Getty Museum), and you’re in The Valley! If you need to take a trip out of the city, LAX is just a short drive south via the 1 or 405. Downtown LA is just down the 10.

West LA is considered one of the most diverse and cultured areas in the city proper. It’s citizens are some of the most diverse in the city, and also some of the best educated, with almost half of the population holding at least a bachelor’s degree, and the vast majority with some college experience. This is the perfect place for the working professional!

An important thing to note about LA as a whole is that property in the city tends to appreciate faster than in other cities. It has been forecasted by some that property values will go up 8-10% in just 12 months! With median prices in West LA around a million, it can seem daunting. Believe us when we say there are still plenty of opportunities for those who wish to settle or invest here. Don’t be afraid to contact us, so that together, we can find something great for you!


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