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San Fernando Valley

“The Valley,” was made famous in the 80s by Hollywood, but the area has done quite well in speaking for itself since that time. Having spent a large part of my upbringing here, the San Fernando Valley is a specialty-area for me, and I would love to find you the perfect place in my stomping grounds! The Valley is just North of LA, stretching from Glendale in the East to Calabasas and Hidden Hills in the West. While it may be thought of entirely suburban, it has significantly grown in density over the years into a viable commercial sector as well.

So, what really makes The Valley unique? For starters, no two cities are the same. The area is vast, and each city brings a unique flavor to the table. City to city, block to block, the dynamic of the area changes fast! With that comes the luxury of choice, from cozy, entry-level homes, to magnificent mountain-side abodes ranging into the multi-millions. There are entertainment industry hotspots like Studio City, Burbank, and Glendale. Just South of Ventura Boulevard, there are plenty of eclectic and chic homes, like Spanish and Mid-Century Modern, nestled in the mountains and canyons. This is also reflected in the culture as people from around the globe have made The Valley their home. From Indian dress shops to Middle Eastern supermarkets, to Israeli fast food, and Italian fine cuisine, there is a community for everyone.

While there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to picking the perfect home for your taste and budget, it should benoted that plenty of folks have got their eye on The Valley already! As of February 2021, the median sale price ($846,000) had gone up 14% from the previous 12 months. Not only that, but homes are selling faster than they’re being listed. It’s certainly no wonder, given the beautiful canyon-views and diverse culture that homes in the area are in demand! Not only that, but public transport construction via the East San Fernando Light Rail Project is already underway! If you ever wanted to get the full “Valley” experience, now might be the perfect time!


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